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Be Your Own Boss

We know how difficult if can be to start your own espresso bar.  Banks, Landlords, Real Estate Agents, Contractors, Lawyers, Building Inspectors, Long Term Commitments...Headaches.  Why not eliminate all of those problems?  For a fraction of the money step into a Coffeeco Pod, an espresso bar custom built inside a brand new shipping container.  We'll help you choose your equipment, your decoration and your location.  The best thing about a Coffeeco Pod, if the location doesn't work...pick it up and move it to a better one!

Shipping Containers Are On Trend

Totally Cool

Every coffee bean in the world starts it's journey to the cup by travelling inside a shipping container.  Shipping containers are recognized by architects, designers and engineers for their impressive construction and durability.  By placing a complete espresso bar inside a shipping container, we've created a match made in heaven.

Why Experience Matters 


We've been roasting coffee since 1997 and have successfully operated espresso bars since 2008.  Our founder is a Certified Lead Instructor for the Specialty Coffee Association and has taught Roasting, Cupping and Barista Techniques to students from around the world. 

Our 20+ years of experience is a source of expert knowledge of espresso bar workflow and layout, and our 20+ years of supplying cafes and restaurants provides us with the systems and procedures to keep your Coffeeco Pod stocked and operating smoothly so you can focus on creating great drinks and making customers smile.